Banquet Policies

Food & Beverage: All food & beverage must be purchased from and prepared by Oak Marsh with the exception of wedding cakes or theme sheet cakes. Neither the event host nor their guests may remove any food or beverages, with the exception of wedding cake, from the premises due to license and insurance restrictions and health department regulations.

Food & Beverage Minimum: There will be a food & beverage minimum for all events which must be met prior to tax or service charge. Cash bar purchases made by your guests do not apply to this minimum. If the minimum is not met, the difference will be added as additional room rental to your final invoice. The regular room rental fee still applies regardless of meeting this minimum and is not waived.

Menu Selection & Guarantee: Menu selections are requested 30 days in advance and prices are subject to change until 60 days prior. The guarantee number is due 3 days prior to your event. This guarantee cannot be reduced and is the minimum that you will be charged for. We can always increase your number after the guarantee is given; however, we cannot decrease it.

Decor:  Any specialty linens or draping must be provided by Oak Marsh. You may bring in your own centerpieces and they need to be approved in advanced. Confetti and Glitter are NOT allowed. Nothing may be attached to the walls or ceilings by the event host. There will be an additional fee for any damage done to the banquet room.

Service Charge & Tax: All food and beverage prices are subject to a 20% service charge. All food, beverage, décor items, rental items and the service charge are subject to 7.125% sales tax and there is an additional 2.5% tax on liquor making the total tax on liquor 9.625%.

Payment: Final payment for wedding receptions is due no later than the day prior to the wedding. The food, décor items and any rental items will be on one invoice to be paid in full and any beverages will be estimated on a separate invoice if final beverage quantities will not be known until after the reception. A bar deposit amount will be based on this estimate and due the day prior to the wedding as well. Oak Marsh will request a credit card number to be kept in our system to run any remaining balance on after the reception. This is usually done within 1-3 days after the wedding. We require pre-payment for many of our other events and will set up a direct bill in advance for corporate events or meetings.

Cake: You may use any licensed bakery; however, it is required that Oak Marsh cut and serve your cake at $1.00 per person. Self serve desserts (i.e cupcakes, shooters, donuts, etc), are not charged a fee, but must be set up and maintained by a member of your group.  Plates, napkins, and forks will be provided upon request.

Liquor/ Bar Fees: All beverages must be purchased from Oak Marsh and may not be removed from the premises. Any outside beverages that are brought in will be taken by Oak Marsh staff.  All state laws pertaining to the drinking age will be enforced and ID’s are required. Wedding parties are not excluded from having their ID’s checked. Oak Marsh Food & Beverage staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. There is a Bartender Fee of $100 per bartender, with one bartender being required for 75 guests.

Timeframe: Each event will have a timeframe set on the contract. Bar service & entertainment must end at 12:00 a.m. with guests vacating the facility by 1:00 a.m.

Musicians/Entertainers: Set-up may begin 2 hours prior to the event and must be completed before guest arrival. Entertainment must end by 12:00 a.m. and guests must vacate the facility by 1:00 a.m.

Security: Security is required for all wedding receptions and any other events that Oak Marsh deems necessary. Oak Marsh is contracted with a company that provides the security guard and the fee will be listed on the contract.

Liability & Damages: Oak Marsh shall not assume responsibility for the loss of any personal items at our facility during your event. This includes cards and gifts for which the event host is responsible for. The event host will also be responsible for any damage to the property during the event.

Deposit: Deposits are required to confirm the room reservation on the date of your event and is applied to the final balance of your invoice. The deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your event for any reason.

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